Want to Help?

Run away and join the circus without leaving home?

There is a lot to do yet to get our 1997 tour off the ground. Costumes to be made, a set to build, a show to direct, and endless smaller jobs like arranging our circus arts workshops and getting the word out about the show. If you've always wanted to be part of a circus, here's your chance!

Write us at tomss@ids.net to find out how you can help!
(See part of the problem here.)

Don't wait, opportunity does not knock twice!
Come join the jollity.
Don't hesitate, but hurry!

Also, you should know that the What Cheer Art Company, the producer of the Pan-Twilight Circus, is a completely legitimate and 100% desperate 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations to which are fully tax-deductible.
(I know you were wondering how to contribute, so here's our address:

What Cheer Art Company
Box 23011
Providence, RI 02818

Many thanks.

Actually, "many thanks" hardly begins to describe our gratitude. Let us shower you with virtual rose petals while we compose heroic odes in your honor.
Or perhaps you'd prefer to have a tent pole named in your honor? Or maybe a tent stake.)