Algernon D'Ammassa (Prospero)

Algernon is a former company member with the Perishable Theatre of Providence, and toured New England performing for children and teaching workshops with Perishable's Shows For Young Audiences. He is currently in training at the Trinity Rep Conservatory, and performs twice weekly with the improvisational comedy troupe Improv Jones.

Chelsea Bacon (Ariel, Trapeze)

Chelsea performed in the 1995 edition of the Pan-Twilight Circus, playing the parts of a ladybug, a caterpillar who turns into a butterfly, and a persnickety ant. She has been studying since then at the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, where she has worked with, among others, Shana Carroll.

Jen Cohen (Sprite, Spanish Web)

Jen will be the next performer to complain that she has been slighted on the PTC web page. Maybe she'll make up a bio for me, and save me the trouble.

Adam G. Gertsacov (Clown, Caliban)

Adam is an actor, director, and clown based in Providence, Rhode Island. He is the boss clown, chief bottlewasher, and big cheese of The Acme Clown Company . He has performed all over the country with his flea circus show The Acme Miniature Circus. Midge and Madge, who are actual trained fleas and stars of the show, had their show business debut in the 1992 version of the PanTwilight Circus.

Jens Larson (Acrobat, Stephano)

Jens has been performing in circuses around the world since 1981. During that time, he has performed juggling, bareback riding, pole climbing and tap dancing. He now specializes in chair-balancing and the flying roman rings. Jens was a member of the Pickle Family Circus from 1986 to 1989. Since then, he has performed in circuses in Japan, Canada, and Mexico. In 1989, he represented the United States at the prestigious Festival Internationale du Cirque de Demain in Paris.

Tom Sgouros (Ferdinand)

See elsewhere.

The others whose bios I haven't written yet...

Nick Goldsmith (Acrobat, Trinculo)

Anne Gardiner (Miranda)

Ivy Brunelle (Ariel Vox)