Press we got during our run in November, 2003

Providence Phoenix
"Judy, or What Is It Like To Be A Robot? gets into cognitive science in ways that make you laugh and think -- and in that order." --Bill Rodriguez
Westerly Sun
"Sgouros is an exceptional storyteller with a wholesome wit that begs his audience to allow their minds to laugh along with their hearts. Watching the show, it becomes difficult to wipe a smile off your lips... Yes, it is a family show. Yes, bring your children. But don't let not having offspring prevent you from delighting in Sgouros's inventiveness. It truly is a performance for one and all to enjoy and one to be remembered as a unique experience." --Geri Sereno
Providence Journal, "Best Bets"
"This may be the wackiest man-vs.-machine concept around, but it is highly entertaining... a truly original work." --Karen Adams
"At Providence's Perishable Theatre these days center stage is being held with considerable charm by a pile of nuts 'n' bolts and a guy with a banjo. Tom Sgouros's one (or is it two?) person show is called "Judy or What Is It Like To Be A Robot" and it's a delight. Perhaps the most delightful thing about this performance piece is that apart from the hardware there's nothing artificial about it..." --Bill Oakes
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