Thursday November 6, 2003, "Best Bets"

What: Judy or What Is It Like To Be A Puppet?

Where: Perishable Theatre, Providence

Why:This may be the wackiest man-vs.-machine concept around, but it is highly entertaining. Tom Sgouros carries on a dialogue with his "robot," Judy. What's really fascinating is the way Judy (just a bunch of metal parts attached to a desk) really does take on a personality. Her movements, her comments, her interaction with Sgouros is amusing and thought-provoking. According to the script, Judy was originally designed to do housework, such as washing windows, doing the dishes, and all sorts of other menial tasks, but surprise, surprise, she wants more out of her robotic life. Judy's questions and Tom's answers provide for an entertaining time at the theater. You try explaining what it means to sit, to see, to feel and so forth. Credit also has to go to Marilyn Dubois, who provides the distinctive voice of Judy. All in all, it's a truly original work, and the intimacy of Perishable Theatre is a good venue for the performance.

Here's another from the same paper, for the opening run (January, 2000).