Here are some things you can do to help make your show a success

  1. Put up lots of flyers. I have a nice flyer, and would be happy to remake it with your information on it. You can try the new Flyer-A-Matic to generate a nice flyer with your information on it. (Sample here)
  2. Send out press releases. There is probably a student newspaper that would appreciate a press release. Send it to them, and suggest that maybe they'd want to do a preview article. Feel free to pass along my contact information to them. You can make up a press release or use the all-new Press-Release-A-Matic (Sample here), which will generate a press release with your information on it and mail a PDF version to you. It's password access only, so ask me for one. If the press release is only approximately right, I'll be happy to make additions.
  3. There are some high-resolution photos on the web site here, suitable for publication. Send them along with the press release.
  4. Local newspapers also generally appreciate being kept abreast of events on your campus. Send them a press release, too, and ask if they'd like to do a preview article or interview with me. (Stranger things have happened.) You might even ask them if they'd consider doing a review. (This won't help to publicize your show, but it will help me plenty in the long run.)
  5. Lots of colleges have a publicity department as part of their administration. These are often staffed by people who would be delighted to help you publicize an event on campus. What's more, if there is a PR department, they are probably professionals who keep press lists, and have reporters who owe them favors and all that kind of thing.
  6. Whether or not this event is being funded by your friendly neighborhood student activities organization, they are also (generally) people who can be of great help in getting the word out about a show. Send them a press release, too, and ask if they can help with your publicity.

Feel free to suggest things not already on this list. I'm always looking for ideas.